Hi Fatima and Emerson,

Here is a consolidated set of instructions for you in relation to the work you do for us. Each link takes you to a Google Doc or another type of instruction sheet for the particular task.

Any questions, let me know.



At the end of each quarter we need to transfer our transactions from PayPal into Xero so that we can submit our tax returns. This Google Doc explains the process. We will email you the quarter's accounts from PayPal so you can work it through.

Signing people up for services

Workshop participants: When people come to our workshops we offer three things each time (unless we tell you otherwise): we sign them up the email series as well as for a particular type of neosi membership, now called neosi lite. The links below provide the instructions for each step. Please note that I do update them fairly regularly so it is worth working from the live google doc rather than from a printed version.

Embedding programs: We offer our clients The Friday Five which is centered around an email series where participants from our programs receive an email every second Friday for three months. These emails include a video and a challenge to help them learn the concepts. Instructions on how to sign up participants to the Friday Five series in Active Campaign below:

Creating reporting tools

Testing neosi templates

This Google Doc describes the steps.

Understanding Campaign Monitor

This Google Doc describes how to use campaign monitor at a base level and understand how it all works together.

Active Campaign