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Do facts change minds?

Changing other peoples’ minds is central to having influence in business, however in his new book Atomic Habits James Clear offers some new insight into this vexing challenge. He starts by referring to two notable minds which point in the same direction: J.K. Galbraith once wrote, “Faced with a choice …
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Kurt Vonnegut had some great things to say about patterns that are relevant in business

I found something wonderfully useful this week that I wanted to share with you. Revered American writer Kurt Vonnegut penned these seven storytelling tips that reinforce not only what a wonderful writer he was but also that it is possible to communicate complex ideas while remaining deceptively simple. As a structured thinking …
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Ironically, writers need to educate readers about what ‘reader-focused’ means

The Minto Pyramid Principle is a widely lauded approach for preparing clearer business reports. Developed by a McKinsey & Company team led by Barbara Minto in the 1960s, ‘pyramid’ helps people use logic and structure to organise their ideas into a logical and coherent reader-focused argument. However, despite its popularity …
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