What’s next?

Hello again,

Here are the solutions from the challenge you just completed and some thoughts on where to next for you.


An issue tree can have multiple problem statements.  False. It is important to aim for just one was this will focus your thinking and reduce the risk of rework.

SMART stands for Specific Measurable Actionable Realistic and Time-bound.  True.

Business audiences generally like a stream of consciousness communication.  False. Need we say more?

A storyline must have one overarching Governing Idea.  True. It is just as critical to have one overarching governing idea for a storyline as it is to have one central problem statement for your issue tree. It matters a lot and forces you to distil your thinking to really work out what your data is telling you.

You should never use deductive reasoning to support a business proposition.  False. Either a grouping or a deductive argument will work in business. The trick is to work out which one will help you the most for each particular piece of communication.

Where to next

  1. Come to the workshop ready to learn (and to think hard)
  2. Think about specific areas for you and your teams to focus your clarity efforts on
  3. Be open to introducing some simple and regular interventions into your own and your team's work practices, such as talking through your ideas on one-page issue trees or storylines at important points during your projects.