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Here are the solutions from the challenge followed by some extra ideas for increasing the value you get from structured thinking.


Why should you avoid using a ‘stream of consciousness' approach in your business communication?

Sadly, when at work we are not charged with writing the next ‘100 Years of Solitude' (Gabrielle Garcia Marquez). It's a fantastic read and truly worth waiting for all of the fragments to come together, but not in your next board meeting.

So, yes, ‘all of the above' is the right answer here.

Which is more important?

All of these things are important, however unless the structure and logic are clear, the other three don't really matter. There is no point using elegant prose to describe the wrong things, or fussing over typos when the story is wrong. Equally, it is more important to have the right detail than lots of it.

When should you start thinking about clarifying your thinking?

Sooner than you would think: right at the start of your process. If you are clear about your purpose and about the elements of the problem you need to solve at the beginning, your analysis will come more easily and you will have an easier time pulling your insights together for your audience.

Where makes the most sense to start?

Wherever you like, so long as you start.

Next steps (for those who are keen …)

Here are some ideas that will help you improve the clarity of your communication:

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