Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend?

Anybody who would like to be a better communicator. Are you

  • Spending too much time explaining what your reports are all about (why don't people just read them??)
  • Not getting the results you want: your board papers are not getting traction, your proposals are not succeeding, your manager rewrites lots of your work
  • Experiencing (brave) people telling you that they have trouble understanding your documents
  • Thinking that communicating clearly in all circumstances is a critical business skill …. or
  • Just wanting to learn to get your key ideas across really quickly, say within 30 seconds.

What will we cover?

We will introduce structured thinking techniques including how to use

  • Aristotle's narrative structures (situation, complication, question) to clarify the nature of the problem you are solving or the proposition you want to put forward
  • Inductive and deductive logic to map a clear – and persuasive – argument
  • These techniques in practice every day (including when under pressure)
  • Storyline templates for most types of business communication

Click here to watch a video to learn more about this approach.

What will I be able to do after this workshop?

Clarify your thinking so that you can

  • Be more confident that you are solving the right problem
  • Manage your work, and that of your team, more effectively and efficiently
  • Tailor your communication strategies for different audiences
  • Map your arguments on just one page
  • Communicate your key ideas within 30 seconds no matter how complex the content, while maintaining absolute integrity of your content

What should I be able to achieve after a one day workshop?

You will see a big difference after just one day, however, you will need to practice and continuously remind yourself of the key principles over time to become really really good at it.

This is why we offer you the membership as well as the other tools.

Isn't clarity of communication more about language than logic?

While we agree we should always aim to use our language as well as we can, we believe clarity of thought is more important than language when striving to communicate effectively in general business.

Working across Asia Pacific with people from almost every conceivable language background, our Managing Director Davina Stanley found that those who knew what they needed to say were very effective communicators, regardless of their specific language skills. We have all found this to be true with the various groups we have worked with.

Why will it be worth taking a whole day out of the office to participate?

Clarity is central to most of our work and the lack of it creates frustrating inefficiencies. This workshop will help you boost the clarity of your thinking across the board and will return that day out of the office to you in spades.


Feel free to email us at if you have questions which are not covered here.