300-image PowerPoint library

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with PowerPoint. It is a hugely powerful tool if we know how to use it well, but can be frustrating to use when we want to create beautiful diagrams fast.

We get stuck with connectors that connect to the wrong spot, and the difficulty of spacing shapes evenly across a page, let alone creating beautiful images that communicate our concepts quickly and easily.

Neil Young of www.ogcommunicationdesign.com has spent his career building a massive library of diagrams that he uses with his clients, and which he is now sharing with you.

This is an extensive library of “solutions in search of problems”. Flick through the 300 images in this PowerPoint pack and you will not only find a beautifully formatted image for your own pack, but you will also be much clearer about the message you need to communicate.

This library contains 300 tables, flows, processes and other concepts, all just waiting for colours to be changed and text to be added. Click here to purchase or scroll down to see some sample pages:

Slide02 Slide03 Slide09 Slide22 Slide25

This is just five of the pages. Click here  to get a copy of the whole pack for yourself.