Do you know the four most successful patterns for business case stories?


Having your business cases rejected is frustrating. Having them rejected again and again is plain demoralising.

Sadly many of our clients experience just that.

They and their teams invest significant amounts of time preparing their business case, only to either be told ‘no', or to be asked (often repeatedly) for more information. This is particularly painful given senior audiences are increasingly asking for shorter and shorter papers that do not allow you to be expansive.

The challenge becomes knowing how to distil your ideas so that you get across all of the critical points in short order before digging into the necessary detail.

And to help you do that, we have identified the four main storyline patterns for successful business cases and explained how to use them in this short Mastering the Classic Business Case mini-course.


2016 Classic Business Cases - structured thinking - Gerard CastlesUnlocking the Classic Business Case includes:

  1. A 15 minute video where Gerard Castles, Australia's most experienced storyliner, explains how to use storylines when preparing business cases that persuade your audience every time.
  2. A handout covering on the key points and – of course – including the business case patterns for you to use
  3. A short challenge to help the ideas ‘stick' in your mind, as well as solutions and some more ideas for you
  4. Access for one month to give you a chance to revisit the video after applying the ideas in your own context


Click here to access this course for just $19.00 today or email us if you have questions about it.