Overview Module

Hello again,

Welcome to the first module of your program.

In this module we will introduce core structured thinking concepts and help you start to put them into practice. As with all of our modules, this one will include three critical elements:

  1. A video that introduces the concepts accompanied by a challenge to help you do something with the information you have just absorbed. Doing something straight away is essential if you want to remember these new ideas.
  2. An application challenge to help you put the ideas into practice. Remembering the ideas is one thing, but using them is quite another. Putting them into practice straight away will make a big difference to the value you get from the course.
  3. Ideas for making it stick. Every module comes with some specific ideas designed to help you get full value from the course. The amount of improvement you see in your work will, however, be entirely up to you and the amount of commitment you show during the course.

Click the links here to access any of the components of this module at any time. You may view the videos, complete the challenges and check in on the ideas for making it stick as often as you like during your course membership.

Please do also email us at hello@claritycollege.co if you have any queries along the way.

Davina and Gerard