During our combined 40+ years'  of using storylines ourselves while also teaching others, we have found that many people find mastering deductive arguments takes more effort than mastering groupings, which is why we have prepared a detailed module on the subject.

This $49.00 course covers the theory while also digging more deeply into the nuances of what makes a successful deductive argument through a combination of theoretical explanation and practical application as well as offering access to an extensive series of storylining FAQs.

Each module includes a video, a handout, a challenge with solutions and suggestions for implementation.

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Davina and Gerard

Introduction to key concepts

Deductive arguments are both tricky and powerful.

This short course component provides a high level introduction to the concepts and explains how to navigate through the deductive concepts module.

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Theory of deductive arguments

Deductive arguments are more complex to master than groupings, however pack a real punch when you need to both explain why something should be done and how it should be done in the one story.

Based on a classical logical flow, moving from a general rule to a particular conclusion, you will no doubt recognise the patterns when you see them. Those who love Sherlock Holmes will have seen these patterns used frequently and well, while those who love Big Bang Theory will have seen them broken time and time again to humorous effect

Examples to help you apply the theory

One of the most critical aspects of being able to use deductive arguments effectively is to practice, and examples are a great guide in this regard.

This component unpacks a series of examples that will help you work out how to apply the concepts in your own circumstances.

Tips from the masters

Gerard has been building deductive storylines since the mid 1980s and is keen to share what he has learned with you.

This short module provides some advice on how to master the art of using deductive storylines.

Tale of two Stories case study

This module explains how a client communicated to their Executive Committee and their Board about the same strategy.

Unpacking the two situations and their storylines will help you think about the connection between your audience, your content and your storyline structure in your communication. As this client found, investing in thinking carefully about these connections pays dividends.