How do you engage multiple audiences?

Knowing how to engage multiple audiences at once is challenging. Preparing just one email, paper or pack seems more time efficient for you in the short term, but is it the most effective approach?

Sometimes this works a treat, but others it leads to creating more work as you re-do your presentation to address audience concerns where some among your audience

  1. Did not understand why your recommendation mattered enough to act upon or why your proposal is the best way to proceed
  2. Had preconceived ideas that differ from your point of view and thought your recommendation missed the mark

Approaching your communication from the top down, while factoring in your audience's needs as well as your own is critical when engaging business audiences consisting of multiple stakeholders.

This course includes 3 modules on how to understand your audience as well as two detailed case studies that outline the thinking processes used to engage multiple audiences in two very different client situations.

Davina Stanley - structured thinking expert - understanding your audience --

Understanding your audience

Any piece of communication that truly ‘hits its mark’ will respond to a strong understanding of the audience’s needs and concerns.

In this module, Davina provides some insight into how to understand your own audiences as before you start to prepare your own communication. She will help you understand your       audience’s needs and concerns as well as their storylining style.


Davina Stanley - structured thinking expert - understanding your audience --

Learn how to think about your audience

Applying different techniques to engage with audiences of different styles can help you get your point across quickly and more effectively.

In this module, Davina shares the cornerstone techniques that will help you communicate effectively with your audience, whether they Amiable, Expressive, Analytical, Drivers or a combination of styles. Learn how to apply the theory so that you can not only know ‘what' your audience needs to hear but ‘how' to deliver it most effectively.


Davina Stanley - structured thinking expert - understanding your audience --

Tips from Us

Master your audience with these great tips from the experts

Make the most of Davina and Gerard's 20+ years experience in the industry and gain further insight in how to get greater cut through when communicating to your audience. In this module we will provide ideas on how to put these techniques into practice and utilise them in your everyday work.


2016 Tale of Two Stories - Structured Thinking - Gerard Castles

Case Study: The Tale of Two Stories

This module discusses how to communicate a strategy story to the leadership team who were aware of the reasoning behind the strategy but not the detailed action plan, and the board who were aware that the strategy discussion was underway, but not what it entailed.


2016 Davina Stanley The Project Funding Case - Engaging Multiple Audiences

Case Study: The Project Funding Case

This module outlines how another client pitched for $10 million in out-of-cycle project funding. Initially the client, Elizabeth, thought one story was sufficient, but she changed her mind when she started to think about the varied needs of her stakeholders. It includes a handout for you to download as well as storylining examples for you to keep and use in the future.



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