Clarity Cases


During our combined 40+ years' of using storylines ourselves while also teaching others, we have discovered that many people find that looking at practical application of storylining techniques helps them to feel more confident in utilising them in their daily work.

This course digs more deeply into the nuances of what makes a successful storylining through the investigation of practical application as well as offering access to an extensive series of storylining FAQs.

Each module includes a video, a handout, a challenge with solutions and suggestions for implementation.

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Davina and Gerard

2016 Introduction to Clarity

Introducing Storylining

Storylining is a powerful technique which helps you clarify your thinking before you communicate.

More than just another ‘format’, storylining is a technique that, if trusted and relied upon, will help you distil the insights from your data that your audience wants to hear from you. Applied lightly it will help improve the organisation of your document, but applied deeply it will radically change what you have to say.


The Tale of Two Stories

This module explains how a client communicated to their Executive Committee and their Board about the same strategy.

Unpacking the two situations and their storylines will help you think about the connection between your audience, your content and your storyline structure in your communication. As this client found, investing in thinking carefully about these connections pays dividends.


2016 Classic Business Cases - structured thinking - Gerard Castles

Business Case Patterns

Gerard Castles, Australia's most experienced storyliner, explains how to use storylines when preparing business cases that persuade your audience every time.

This module looks at classic business case patterns and how you can use them to convey your message.



Project Update Patterns

Gerard has been utilising update patterns and storylines since the mid 1980s and is keen to share what he has learned with you.

This short module provides some advice on how to master ‘Project Update' storylines, one of the most commonly used types of storylines in business.