These people learned how to …

Clarify what  they needed to say before communicating in person or on paper 


We taught these people a simple, repeatable, structured process that works in business. We taught them how to:

Clarify their purpose: It is so easy to start communicating – talking, writing, building a pack – before you are crystal clear about why you are doing it. We will give you clear ideas on how to set the direction before you set sail.

Understand your audience: We advise on how to understand your audience so you can organise your ideas in a way that resonates with them

Create context: We show you how to provide just enough background to introduce your main point and leads your audience right to it without burying them in history, definitions and detail before they are ready for it.

Articulate one main point: Crystalise your thinking so you can articulate your point in just one sentence (yes, it IS possible!)

Support that point logically: Once you have caught your audience's attention we teach you how to keep it by organising your ideas logically.

Once you have your ideas clear, then it is easy to convert those ideas into all sorts of communication: one-on-one or small group conversations, emails, papers or PowerPoint packs.