Clarity College courses are designed for busy people

Our courses offer

  • The opportunity to sign up a collaborator to help coach them during the course. We will provide you with a weekly module reminder and them with weekly tips to guide you through the course.
  • A series of manageable modules, each including a video, a challenge (with solutions), a handout and a weekly reminder email to help keep you on track
  • Short, interactive modules: the videos range from between 7 and 20 minutes in length and can be watched whenever it suits you during the length of your course membership. The challenges offer a mix of theoretical questions as well as practical, “What’s wrong with this?” questions to ensure you can both remember can apply the theory
  • A subscription to the neosi storyliner, which helps you put the ideas into practice as well as automatically converting your storyline into one or many Word or PowerPoint documents

To learn more, visit an overview of our introductory courses or our Mastering Deductive Storylines course.