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This 12-module, five-hour program provides a solid grounding in the core storylining concepts that will your ideas gain more traction at work.

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Before learning about the program content, you will want to know that Clarity Concepts helps anyone make the complex clear and the clear compelling when they communicate at work while also offering some other benefits. It

  1. Applies to any form of business communication. Unusually, we don't teach grammar or how to stand in front of a room when presenting your ideas. We teach you how to work out what those ideas are, and then how to organise them so you can convey complex ideas with clarity and confidence. Once the ideas are clear, it is easy to communicate them in any form, whether that is a one-on-one meeting, an email, a formal paper or PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Improves your professional effectiveness. Communicating clearly is key to your success as a professional. However, having a ‘go to' approach for organising your ideas means that – once you are practiced at using the approach – you can do so much more quickly than before.
  3. Is suitable for anyone who needs to communicate in business. Whether you are a graduate just starting out who wants to ensure they are ready to step out of university and into the work force, about to join a consulting firm and want to get ahead by mastering core skills or someone about to step into a leadership role with a greater need to communicate up and down their organisation, this course is for you.
  4. Is designed for intelligent people who are in a hurry. Each short, practical module is based on our combined 40+ years of practical storylining experience and includes a video, a handout, a challenge with solutions and suggestions for putting the ideas into practice. We also provide access to our storylining FAQs throughout the course and an opportunity to invite a colleague to support you – and keep you honest – as you progress through the modules.

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Davina and Gerard


2016 Introduction to Clarity

Introducing Storylining

Storylining is a powerful technique which helps you clarify your thinking before you communicate.

More than just another ‘format’, storylining is a technique that, if trusted and relied upon, will help you distil the insights from your data that your audience wants to hear from you. Applied lightly it will help improve the organisation of your document, but applied deeply it will radically change what you have to say. Start the module to learn more.

Davina Stanley - structured thinking expert - understanding your audience --

Understanding your audience

Any piece of communication that truly ‘hits its mark’ will respond to a strong understanding of the audience’s needs and concerns.

In this module, Davina provides some insight into how to understand your own audiences as before you start to prepare your own communication. She will help you understand your audience’s needs and concerns as well as their storylining style.


Gerard Castles - structured thinking expert - creating context theory --

Creating context

Great introductions are critical to grabbing your audience’s attention, regardless if your communication is long or short, complex or straight forward.

Gerard explains three simple steps to create an audience-grabbing introduction. Based upon Aristotle’s narrative structure, this technique will help you clarify the direction your story needs to go for both you and your audience.

Davina Stanley - structured thinking expert - learning how to craft 'the answer'

Articulating your answer

Central to the storylining approach is the idea that every piece of communication should focus on one question and one answer.

This simple rule pushes you to think carefully and insightfully about what you need to say. Though a simple idea, it is not so easy to put into practice and Davina provides guidelines to help you master the art of the 25 word answer.

Davina Stanley - structured thinking expert - using groupings to synthesisie

Crafting grouping storylines

Grouping storylines are both deceptively simple and incredibly powerful.

The rules that underpin grouping storylines both provide a framework for synthesising your ideas from the smallest pieces of data to the highest level insights while also providing you with a fabulous framework to test the connections between the ideas within your storyline hierarchy.

Gerard Castles - structured thinking expert - learning about deductive storylines

Building deductive storylines

Deductive arguments are more complex to master than groupings, however, they pack a real punch when you need to both explain why something should be done and how it should be done in the one story.

Deductive storylines enable you to build a case for a recommendation. They are terrific for business cases and a range of other recommendations and enable you to synthesise a powerful, high level argument while supporting it with the necessary detail.

Davina Stanley - structured thinking expert - testing your logic

Testing your logic
To extract full value from the storylining technique, you must focus on the logical links between your ideas.

More than just a ‘writing tool’, storylines offer an analytical approach that helps you clarify your thinking before you communicate. Davina provides concrete steps you can take to test whether your ideas are connected strongly enough to persuade.

Davina Stanley - structured thinking expert - creating prose documents

Preparing prose documents

Storylines create a strong architecture for prose documents.

Davina explains how to convert your storyline into a prose document to create a compelling piece of written communication.

Gerard Castles - structured thinking expert - packs

Preparing PowerPoint packs

Storylines create a strong architecture for PowerPoint packs.

Gerard explains how to convert your storyline into a storyboard and then a PowerPoint pack.

Davina Stanley - structured thinking expert - patterns

Mastering the Power of Patterns

One of the fastest ways to master storylines is to use time-tested patterns to kick-start your own thinking.

Davina explains how storyline patterns can help you. In particular she uses examples to explain how they work, how they can speed you up and how they can help you stick to the logical rules that underpin storylining.