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Each of the three modules includes a video, a handout, a challenge with solutions and suggestions for putting the ideas into practice, which altogether take about 2 hours to complete. We also provide

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Davina and Gerard

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2016 Introduction to Clarity

Introducing Storylining

Storylining is a powerful technique which helps you clarify your thinking before you communicate.

More than just another ‘format’, storylining is a technique that, if trusted and relied upon, will help you distil the insights from your data that your audience wants to hear from you. Applied lightly it will help improve the organisation of your document, but applied deeply it will radically change what you have to say. Start the module to learn more.

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2016 Davina Stanley The Project Funding Case - Engaging Multiple Audiences

Mastering the Power of Patterns

One of the fastest ways to master storylines is to use time-tested patterns to kick-start your own thinking.

Davina explains how storyline patterns can help you. In particular she uses examples to explain how they work, how they can speed you up and how they can help you stick to the logical rules that underpin storylining.

Davina Stanley - structured thinking expert - testing your logic

Testing your logic

Storylines are at their most powerful when we trust the rules of structure and logic that underpin them to not just create a ‘format’, but actually drive our thinking.

Davina runs through a series of straightforward tests that help you check whether your logic is robust, from the top to the bottom, left to right and bottom to top. She leaves you with a 10-Point Test that you can apply to your own storylines.

Common questions

Course access

Yes, click on the blue links above that relate to the Introducing Storylining module and go for it!

You can access the modules by logging into the www.claritycollege.co site using the username and password that you create during the purchase process.

You may access the modules as often as you like during your course membership. We understand you get busy so we will email you each week with ideas to help you finish the course.

We find different people have different ways of working through them. The most common approach is to watch two to four in one sitting. Some people like to revisit modules, and many schedules a regular appointment with themselves each week or fortnight to work through a batch of them.

Course components

Challenges involve a short series of questions designed to help you reflect upon the concepts covered in that module. Clicking ‘Submit' at the end of the challenge will take you through to the solutions. Taking a few moments to complete the challenges has been shown to help course participants retain their new knowledge.

The theory videos are typically about 10 minutes long, with videos about patterns being a little longer.

In these short videos we share our experience to help you not just understand what a storyline is, but how to use it in practice.

The modules are presented by Davina Stanley and Gerard Castles of Clarity College. Experience storyliners, Davina and Gerard began using these techniques while working as communication specialists with McKinsey & Company. They now run Clarity College and enjoy sharing insights gained from their storylining experience with you through these courses and with their consulting clients.

We will send ideas to help you get the most out each module and some reminders near the end of the course to make sure you don't forget to complete all of the modules. We will also provide an opportunity for you to invite a colleague to walk with you along the journey. You may like to enter your colleague's details directly or email them an invitation. We offer some words for you to use in your invitation to them and and way for them to sign up. Once we have their details, we will then email them regular reminders during the course only to check in to see how you are going and provide them some questions to ask you. We never share your email details with anybody else.

Payment and pricing details

We will refund you. Just email us at hello@claritycollege.co and it will be done.

Do you offer special rates for teams who would like to complete this together?
Yes, we do. Email us at hello@claritycollege.co and we can provide you with the details.

You can pay using your credit card either as a PayPal guest (without a PayPal account, but using their platform) or using your PayPal account. Alternatively, we can prepare an invoice for corporate groups.

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