Using inductive and deductive logic


Many of us who learned our craft at the big consulting houses now need to help our colleagues understand the finer nuances involved in creating clear and logical communication.

Many of us are also mindful that it is easy to forget the important differences between these two logical structures when we don’t think about them for a while. It is easy to forget, for example, when to choose one over the other or why it is important not to stack one deductive chain directly underneath another. (Hint: stacked deductives are logically risky while also being torture for your reader …)

This pack explains the principles underpinning both inductive and deductive storytelling by providing a common sense reminder of the rules of logic as well as how these apply to story telling. For example, can you describe the rules around the ‘form’ used in inductive and deductive stories, as well as the rules about the content?

The document also provides you with some practical examples of each type of storyline to help you see how these structures work in practice and some simple (embedded) videos and exercises that you can complete, or work through with your colleagues if you are helping them to learn.

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