Text for email to client’s PA or IT department getting their tech ready

Hi there,

Here is the text for you to cut and paste into an email to send your client explaining in language that hopefully the IT people will ‘get' what needs to be done before someone is able to do the pre-work we send, access neosi during the program, and complete the Friday Five program afterwards.

Dav and Gerard




Hi Rosa,

Thanks for taking the time to test the websites earlier. As discussed, we will need access to a few things so that people are able to prepare for, attend and follow up after the (insert date to give sense of urgency) workshop. Here are the details to pass through to your IT team so we can get them set up.
I have outlined a summary first of what they need and then an explanation of why we need them.
Here is an outline of what they need
In sum, participants will need to have some permissions to accommodate the following:
Here is an explanation of why they need it
Before the workshop they will receive an email from hello@claritycollege.com.au which will include a link to a challenge for them to complete as preparatory work. We need to ask the IT team to ensure they do not block the emails – given there will be a number of the same email coming from the same email address, each of which also has an unsubscribe link, which they may suspect is SPAM.
Participants also need to be able to complete the challenge, which will involve ensuring they can:
  • Go to the www.claritycollege.co site to view the web page link we provide
  • Watch a video that is hosted on that site and which is streamed from a corporate ‘youtube’ type tool called www.wistia.com
  • Complete a challenge that appears on the same web page but is driven by embedded code that comes from a survey tool called www.wufoo.com. Wufoo is part of the Survey Monkey set of tools but uses different code so often needs to be set up separately.
During the workshop itself and afterwards, participants will have access to some cloud-based software which is designed to help them learn how to use the techniques that I teach. The IT team will need to ensure that the firewalls enable them to access the tool as well as the web links that are included in it. The software itself can be found at https://secure.neosi.co/ and web links within it direct the course participant to help tips and videos, which are also embedded in the website and streamed from www.wistia.com and challenges again embedded from www.wufoo.com.
After the workshop, the participants will receive a series of emails, again sent by hello@claritycollege.com.au. The emails will contain links to videos and challenges in the same way that the preparatory email did.
I hope this helps and please do let me know if you or the IT team needs further clarification.
Kind regards,