Universities trade on their rankings and there are some useful things to know about how to help them boost their rankings.

One which we have trialled at Melbourne Business School is to send a modified series of pre-work questions to all course participants that they must complete before they see the prework video.

The answers to these questions can then be packaged in a couple of ways for the university to use:

  1. We can provide a link to a ‘live' report which Wufoo will allow us to set up. This updates every time someone completes one of the surveys and can be seen if you ‘refresh' your screen. On a Mac this means using Apple R.
  2. We can provide a report after the fact that the university can then use to syndicate to others. Here's a hastily produced example Please note the storyline is loose, which is not ideal. It does, however, provide a useful sense of what could be done.


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