Boosting your revenue

Hi there,

As a faculty member you are able to earn an extra stream of revenue by selling our products.

Over time, we will put ideas here that have helped us include ‘product' in our package: where it genuinely helps our clients while also providing us with the benefit of an extra revenue stream.

Dav and Gerard


Friday Five program: This is a program that we sell to our workshop clients. It helps them embed their learning by offering fortnightly emails to the program participants over three months that include a video, a challenge and a live report for the client to access to review.  The videos are designed to build on the concepts rather than teach them, and are different from the ones used in the online courses.

Neosi: We find that offering a small number of neosi cloud licences to clients for ‘champions' is a good entry here. It means that the overall cost isn't huge, people can share the licenses and see whether they like it or not before committing to customise templates and buying one license for each program participant

Learning journals: These are a minor item, but a nice reminder for you and good for your client to have and keep – and remember you.