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Our courses help you make the complex clear and the clear compelling in your business communication.

We have distilled lessons from our combined 40+ years' of practical experience using storylining in top-tier consulting, professional services, corporate, government and university settings globally, to offer a series of practical, modular and deliberately challenging courses.

After completing our programs you will not only see significant improvements in the clarity of your communication but also in your working process.

Course participants enjoy at least four benefits:

  1. Identifying the main point and communicating it much more powerfully: Our simple five step storylining process helps professionals gain greater cut through in most business communication settings, from smaller situations such as preparing for conversations and writing emails through to highly complex papers and packs.
  2. Cutting the number of document iterations: Here is one recent (and not atypical) example: One team previously undertook 60 whole-document iterations of a typical 15-page paper, and now routinely takes just two – or sometimes just one – iteration. They achieved this by agreeing the purpose and audience of their paper as well as the high level structure before preparing their document.
  3. Reducing time spent second-guessing a leaders’ requirements: One middle manager cut two days off his writing process by knowing how to ask his leader to clarify the purpose of his paper. We are amazed at how much time our clients spend clarifying the real underlying purpose for a piece of communication, when knowing to ask a few simple questions takes only a few minutes.
  4. Making better decisions more quickly: This example highlights how smaller pieces of communication should not be underestimated: A division head from a large retailer changed the way he prepared his emails. Instead of thinking directly into his email, he used our neosi software to map his ideas before sending his recommendations to his CFO. Instead of getting a delayed “Let’s talk about that next time we meet”, he now typically gets a “Go for it” response within 20 minutes of sending the email.

Complete the module below to taste an introductory Clarity College course.

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