Cadetship Q&As

What do I need to do to complete my cadetship?

  • Completing our online In Search of Clarity eCourse or participating in our workshops
  • Receiving direct coaching and feedback from us
  • Passing a series of online exams
  • Preparing each of the following to a standard that demonstrates strong grasp of the approach
    1. Two issue trees
    2. Two storyline one-pagers
    3. Two substantial prose documents
    4. Two PowerPoint packs
  • Demonstrating an ability to coach and teach others by providing us video footage of you at work coaching and / or training others
  • Annual re-accreditation to ensure you keep your skills fresh

What will you do for me during my cadetship?

  • Offer you five hours of coaching (in-person wherever possible, but mostly online)
  • Provide you with access to our online tools including eCourses and neosi software
  • Answer your questions as quickly as we can
  • Opportunities to ‘sit in' on workshops run by us or our Faculty members at no extra charge. Note, this is easier to arrange for public programs, but with enough notice our clients will occasionally allow interlopers to sit in so long as a Confidentiality Agreement is signed.

Is there a possibility that I would not be accredited?

Yes, although we hope it is slim. If you are committed to doing the work and acting on feedback that we offer you there should be no problem.

What will accreditation entitle me to?

Accreditation will entitle you to

  • Describe yourself as being Clarity College Accredited for 12 months
  • Coach and train others inside your own organisation using our latest presentation and handouts
  • Discounts to attend our public workshops and seminars
  • Early opportunities to sample any new products we develop
  • Talk to us about becoming a Faculty Member which would additionally entitle you to
    • Access our Clarity College Faculty portal
    • Use our materials to coach and teach others
    • Access our latest coaching and teaching insights
    • Participate in online and ‘real life' Faculty gatherings
    • Work on projects with us where suitable opportunities can be found
    • Sign up for commissions on any of our products that you sell to your clients

Is accreditation forever, or do I need to renew it regularly?

You need to renew annually if you want to continue to describe yourself as being Clarity College Accredited.

Renewal won't be onerous, but we do think it is important to make sure that people keep their skills current and so will ask you to complete an online knowledge test and show us one issue tree and one storyline as well as one document you have recently prepared so that we can review them and provide you with feedback.

What happens if I don't renew my accreditation

You may say you completed Clarity College program, but that you have let your accreditation lapse

You may choose to renew at a later date and we will re-accredit you if you can demonstrate that knowledge has held firm

You must destroy any paper or electronic copies of Clarity College training materials that are only available to Faculty members and sign an affidavit to  demonstrate that this has taken place.

How long does my cadetship last for?

We would like you to complete it within six months, unless there are mitigating circumstances.

What happens if I don't complete the work within the six months?

Talk to us, tell us why and we will see what we can work out.

How does the payment structure work?

  • Completing Clarity College Cadetship involves an investment of $3,500, which can be paid up-front or spread evenly over three months
  • Annual re-accreditation involves an investment of $750