Friday Five: Groupings Solutions

Hello again,

Here are the solutions to this fortnight's Friday Five challenge on grouping structures.

What is wrong with this grouping?

Governing idea: Like all firefighters, Maude must renew her first aid certificate annually

  • Maude’s first aid certificate expires next month
  • Maude should book in for the next first aid course
  • Maude needs to check that the next course does not clash with her upcoming shifts or planned vacations
  • Maude’s supervisor needs to sign off on her participation in the course

All of the above: The key line ideas are not parallel, each point in the key line does not have the same subject, the ideas in the key line are not all ‘the same kind of thing’ and the governing idea (also called the ‘answer’) does not overarch the whole story.

What is wrong with this grouping?

Governing idea: BigCo should learn to analyse big data

  • BigCo needs to mine big data to improve it's marketing effort
  • BigCo will blow past it's competitors if it can understand big data
  • Big data is really important to anybody who wants to market their products today
  • Understanding big data is hard

All of the above is correct:

  • T

When would you choose to organise your ideas into a grouping?

You could use a grouping in any of these situations:

  • When 

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Davina and Gerard