Friday Five: Testing Your Logic Solutions

Hello again,

Here are the solutions to the Friday Five Challenge that focuses on testing your logic. If you would like to watch the video again, click here.

What are the three best ways to order ideas within a grouping?
The most common ways to order ideas within a grouping are structure, time and degree. Magnitude, size and scale are all a different way of saying ‘degree order'; structure, order and magnitude are a mishmash of two different forms: structure and order are different ways of saying the same thing while magnitude is a different way of ordering the ideas.

Which series of ideas belongs to the same level of the same grouping?
The first answer is correct. Explanatory notes are placed next to the other two.

  1. We should go to Greece on holidays because Greece is … cheap, fun and sunny
  2. We should buy a cat because … they run fast, they are fun and crocodiles eat fish. The third point is nothing to do with cats.
  3. We should renovate our house because … I like cooking on bbqs, you like architects and we have lots of money. This set does not pass the MECE test … so what if you like cooking on bbqs, like architects and have lots of money? This doesn't support your proposition that you should renovate the house.

All of the ideas in the story must be Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive (MECE) or have No Overlaps and No Gaps (NONG) because …

All of the above is correct.