Clarity Course Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having trouble logging in…

  • Clear browser cache/history before trying again.
  • Go to the main site page and navigating to the login page from there.
  • Use the ‘forgot password' button if your password is not working and follow the instructions to reset it.
  • Email if you are seeing an error that says ‘Username does not exist' .

If a video is not playing…

  • Use a different browser – Chrome in particular can be hit and miss, try accessing the course on an alternative browser.
  • Use a personal device and network to access the course – with Clients working from home, we have had cases where the security features on their work provided devices and VPN's have prevented our videos from playing. 

If you can't hear any sound….

  • Ensure you have adjusted the volume on both the video itself, by hovering over the video and increasing the volume on the menu bar, and also on your device
  • Use a personal device and network to access the course – as above, work provided devices and VPNs can caused playback issues due to their strict security features
  • Make use of the Closed Captions available on our videos, you can turn this feature on by hovering over the video and selecting the CC symbol on the menu bar. Currently we only provide transcription in English.

If you are unable to progress to the next modules…

  • Ensure you are selecting all the buttons to allow progression within the module (gold ‘Mark Complete' button) and the Challenge/Quiz (green ‘Continue' button). The system will not allow you to progress until everything have been marked as completed.
  • Check that you reached a passing score on the challenge/quiz – you need 70%+ to be allowed to progress to the next module.
  • Clear browser cache/history, this can often help when your progress seems to have not been remembered by the system.

Still having trouble?

Contact for further assistance