Is it time for you to master Clarity?

Clarity Concepts helps you work out what you need to say so you can say it clearly

  • 6 hours of rich and rigorous learning taught by experts

  • 10 modules, 14 videos which balance theory and practice

  • 10 challenges with solutions and practical suggestions

  • 3 months' access: anytime, anywhere, as often as you like  

Click here to see a course outline, read on to learn more or email us if you have questions.


What does Clarity Concepts involve?

Clarity Concepts takes you through our five-step clarity process, which begins before you write anything when you start thinking about your purpose and audience. It then explains how to structure your storyline, test if your storyline is logically robust and convert it into any kind of business communication: an email, a prose paper or a PowerPoint pack. We also provide advice on how to convert a storyline into commonly used business templates. Click here to see a course outline.

Here are answers to some other commonly asked questions about the course content:

What is included in the course?

Clarity Concepts includes 10 rich learning modules. We provide a comprehensive downloadable course guide to help you keep track of your progress, as well as 10 moules, each of which includes the following:

  1. A video of approximately 10 minutes, introducing a series of core concepts that fit within our five step, In Search of Clarity framework
  2. A printable handout that enables you to take notes
  3. A challenge designed to help you remember the concepts as well as put them into practice
  4. Solutions to the challenge
  5. Suggestions to help you put the ideas into practice, including extra videos in some cases

Who are the presenters?

The modules are presented by Davina Stanley and Gerard Castles of Clarity College. Experience storyliners, Davina and Gerard began using these techniques while working as communication specialists with McKinsey & Company. They now run Clarity College and enjoy sharing insights gained from their storylining experience with you through these courses and with their consulting clients.

How long will it take me to complete the course?

Expect it to take about 6 hours to complete the course work, and to allow time to put the ideas into practice as you go. We strongly recommend beginning with what we call ‘micro communications' so you can try the ideas out in achievable settings. If you wait until you have a large challenge to complete, you may find that you have forgotten the concepts, or alternatively find it difficult to put the ideas into practice when working with such a large amount of material.

We will send ideas to help you get the most out each module and some reminders near the end of the course to make sure you don't forget to complete all of the modules. We will also provide an opportunity for you to invite a colleague to walk with you along the journey.

Can I invite someone to do the course with me?

Yes: As the old saying goes: if you want to travel fast, go alone. If you want to travel far: go with company. We are committed to helping you to go far with clarity.

Once you sign up to the course, you may like to invite a colleague or friend to walk along side you as you complete the course.. We offer you an opportunity to sign them up for a parallel program (at no cost) which includes reminders to provide them with access to the first course module plus questions to ask you. We will email them regular reminders during the course to help them check in to see how you are going and provide them some questions to ask you. We will only email them to help them help you.

How do I access Clarity Concepts?

Clarity Concepts is offered as a three-month Clarity College membership. Here are some more detailed questions about accessing the course:

Can I try one of the modules to see how they work?

Yes, click here to ACCESS MODULE 1 NOW

How do I access the modules?

You can access the modules by logging into the site using the username and password that you create during the purchase process.

How often can I complete the modules?

You may access the modules as often as you like during your course membership. We understand you get busy so we will email you each week with ideas to help you finish the course.

What is the most successful way to complete the courses?

We find different people have different ways of working through them. The most common approach is to watch two to four in one sitting. Some people like to revisit modules, and many schedules a regular appointment with themselves each week or fortnight to work through a batch of them.

What do people who have completed the course say about it?

In 10 short, powerful and practical modules, you will learn a five-step process that helps you clarify your thinking so you can communicate clearly.

When asked what they have learned from the program:

“That there is a structured approach available that is designed to save me time whilst communicating more clearly,” Emilia

“That when I ‘stay on the reservation’ and stick to the ideas that are introduced in the course my messages land, and when I don’t they don’t,” James

“I have learnt that a presentation pack made up of a lot of details does not always mean that you get the message across. I have learnt that less is more, just need to focus on getting the point across in a more clear and defined way,” Marley

“CTQ is an excellent way to lead into the issue and gives reader a clear understanding of the topic / issue upfront. Choosing grouping or deductive storylines enables the author to develop compelling communications,” Adrian

“There are patterns you can use to speed up how you organise your thinking and put it in ways you can address client engagements in a very effective way,” Alex

When asked: What they will do differently in your next communication:

“Allow plenty of time to make sure the storyline is sound. Check it with my team to make sure it flows naturally and the message is delivered,” Erick

“Draw up an independent storyline before creating the pack,” Andrew

“Make sure I follow the 10-point plan when building this storyline and checking with a colleague,” Andrew


What are the payment arrangements?

What does the course cost?

Clarity Concepts is available for USD249.

Do you offer special rates for teams who would like to complete this together?

Yes, we do. Email us  and we can provide you with the details.

You can pay by credit card, with PayPal or via bank transfer. Our site shop allows you to use PayPal as a PayPal member, or using a credit card without having a PayPal account.

What if I don't enjoy the course?

We will refund you. Just email us at and it will be done.

Feel free to email us any time and we wil come back to you as soon as we can