Susan’s one-page finance update was ‘best ever’!

Rarely does a new employee in a finance department receive praise for the clarity of their management update.

However, Susan did when she presented her first report to her GM. Her GM said that Susan's five-minute update was the best and clearest ever!  How did she do it?

Susan provided the GM with a crystal clear storyline rather than the spreadsheets and tables that her predecessor had used.  Here's what she did.  She:

  1. Analysed her audience.  Susan thought through who would be in the briefing, what they wanted and what she wanted them to do as a result of the briefing.  She realised the GM and leadership team were missing the “story” and couldn't see the wood for the trees – she had to make sure the real story was clear in the update.
  2. Built a clear storyline.  She realised she needed to explain that the BU financials were on track with forecast but that could have been because of some one-offs that needed attention.  We developed a simple one pager to explain the story (using neosi of course).
  3. Practiced.  Susan practiced delivering the story and had the key numbers attached as back up.

The result – a five-minute update to the BU with the GM saying it was the best and clearest ever!

susan's one pager

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